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Looking for the best companion ever?

Try a Schnauzer!


Remember, you can reserve your puppy,

and make payments until you take it home.

Or you can arrange for crate training up to 12 weeks. 

Come see the puppies today and reserve one now!!!

They are going fast.


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Like the wee pups shown on this page, our babies are the sweetest babies in every way. Call or write us for up-to-the-minute details, photos, and other information! And reserve your  puppy as soon as possible! 


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Puppies at WillowTree Schnauzers may be reserved

before birth. 

And, many puppies are sold within the first 72 hours of arrival. 

Let us know what sex and color you're looking for,

and we'll make sure you're notified as soon as possible.

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Our all-white puppies and champagne phantoms are extremely rare, so waiting may take a while, but they sure are worth it!


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