Welcome to WillowTree Schnauzers!
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Hello!  Welcome to our home! 

We love miniature schnauzers, and are glad to share them with you!

Our "kennel" is in our home--in our living room actually--and our puppies are bred and raised in a loving family atmosphere.  They come from beloved pets, and are loved and sent out to other loving homes.  APRI registered, our male, Samson, and our female, Ladi-Bug come from healthy, even champion stock.  Their puppies are registered through APRI as well.  Samson is a beautiful Black and Silver stud with a white bow-tie on his chest. Ladi is a sterling colored or platinum salt and pepper.  And their puppies are adorable!

If you're looking for a small breed with lots of intelligence, endurance, and moxy, this is it!  The miniature schnauzer makes a great companion dog for a child or adult. Ours are comfortable with our 9 year old son as well as my 84 year old mother...instinctively knowing when to play and frolic and when to be quiet and gentle.    A non-shedding dog, schnauzers make great pets for those who suffer from allergies.  And, under 20 pounds and less than knee-high they are the perfect size for people living in apartments, or the country. 

Sammy's about the size of a two year-old toddler, and is as huggable as he is fun!  He is patient enough for my son to carry in his wagon, or to play fetch.  Ladi is about 5 pounds smaller than Sam. She is gentle with the family, but is a good mamma,  fiercely protective over her babies. Just ask the electrician who came to work the other day and got too close to the puppies' playpen! Laughing

Schnauzers are companion animals who bond with their owners right away.  My dogs follow me everywhere I go around the house. In fact, as I type this note to you, Sam is lounging at my feet, while Missy, our newest puppy sleeps nearby.  Schnauzers are normally quite healthy animals, too, with few general ailments like some breeds are noted for having enabling them to be long-lasting friends.

Over the years we've found that most of our puppies are sold to former schnauzer owners.  Once you've had one in YOUR family, folks stay loyal to the breed.  Many people tell us how they got their first schnauzer on their honeymoon, or share their grief over a departed pet.  That kind of long-lived loving is highly rewarding!

We hope you enjoy meeting our Schnauzers!  If we can help you with a puppy, give us a call! We'd be glad to do business with you!


Lorrie Ney

Summer Babies! Summer Fun!
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From July 4th thru Back to School, puppies are thriving at our house this year!

So...if you're local you can arrange to visit or select a puppy now through Labor Day! 

Choose a cuddly companion, and resolve to bring more love into your life! 

Reserve your puppy today!